Westbrook Fire Fighter and Paramedic, Brandon Brichetto was our guest and speaker on May 24. Brandon grew up in Prides Corner and is a graduate of Westbrook High School 2012.  He is currently a student at USM studying Therapeutic Recreation and lives in Gorham.
Brandon was referred to Camp Susan Curtis (CSC) in 2005 by a guidance counselor.  He was 10 years old, a normal age for a first referral to CSC.  He returned every year after that. He made many close friendships, including 3 girls who are like sisters and with whom he still keeps in contact regularly.
Before Brandon attended CSC, he skipped school a lot and was heading down a bad path. He recalled an exercise during which the campers were asked “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” He decided he wanted to help people. He began to focus on school and find opportunities to learn and grow in the medical field. This led to his current job and career.
L-R: Terri Mulks - Camp Director 
Brandon Brichetto- Westbrook Fire Fighter/Paramedic
Christine Johnson - W-G Rotary President
Camp Susan Curtis is located on 100 conservation acres on Trout Lake, the upper-most lake in the Kezar Lake Watershed. Students must be referred to the camp, which is focused on economically disadvantaged kids. CSC servea kids from all 16 Maine counties, using about 275 referral sources across the state. They see about 500 campers each summer, with 125-140 attending each of four 2-week sessions. The camp provides structure and skills for life in leadership and communications and costs about $1200 per camper for each 2-week session.  The great news is that kids who attend at least 4 years of camp have a 99% high school graduation rate.
Brandon has continued to stay connected to Camp Susan Curtis, returning as a staff member each year. He told us he likes to keep busy, and sure will be busy this summer balancing camp and work!