Thanks to all who attended, hosted tables, or made donations to the Tips for Charity Luncheon on Friday December 8. We had a good turn-out and a good time again this year. The folks at Westbrook-Warren Church do a great job organizing and executing food and beverage for two seatings totaling well over 200 people. Ray Richardson hosted and Doc Stockwell was back at the piano this year making it even more festive.
L-R: Bill Chadwick, Deb Shangraw, Donna Dwyer, Sue Joyce,
Steve Rand, Scott Linscott, Pat Plummer
Attending were Jim Born (father of Christine), Dana Smith (Kiwanis), Deb Shangraw, Donna Dwyer (MPTC), Sue Joyce, Bill Chadwick, Pat Plummer, Scott Linscott, Steve Rand, Phil Spiller, and Judith and Ed Reidman. Thanks also to Veronica Bates, Julie Hamm, Kathi Perkins and Cliff Plummer who were not able to attend at the last minute but who sent along a "tip" for our table.
Dana Smith, Jim Born   and  Table Host Christine Johnson
Now that the Festival is over, we expect there will be an announcement soon about money raised. Charities benefiting again this year are the Westbrook Food Pantry and the Good Samaritan Fuel Fund.