A record number of over 200 local high school students attended the 2017 District 7780 Interact Conference at Scarborough High School on Saturday March 25.  The students had a full morning of activities and break-out sessions, culminating with an inspirational talk by Travis Roy. Both Gorham and Westbrook Interact clubs were represented.
The day started with an “ice breaker” where attendees were asked to switch tables and sit with folks they didn’t know. They then were asked to share a truth and a lie about themselves for others to guess which was which - good fun and a discussion starter.
To open the conference, District Governor Marge Barker addressed the gathering encouraging everyone to use the conference as an opportunity to meet new people and listen for ideas to bring back to their clubs. Finally, she offered several quotes from Ghandi including: You must be the change you want to see in the world.
The day continued with break-out sessions on topics like Polio Plus, Effective Fundraising, Community Service, RYLA, and Youth Exchange, among other topics. Lunch was provided with donations from many local businesses, including Romeo’s Pizza, Pat’s Pizza, and Amatos, as well as the Scarborough Rotary Club.  
After lunch, the key note speaker was Travis Roy, well known motivational speaker originally from Yarmouth, who suffered a career ending spinal injury with his first appearance on the hockey ice for Boston University over 21 years ago. He spoke about how goal-setting has been important in his life. Early on, he set goals that he worked towards as he achieved successes in hockey.  After his accident, the goal-setting habit has served him well as he has achieved success with his public speaker career and with his Foundation. The audience gave him a standing ovation.
Westbrook Interact L-R:
Sopa Mongu, Morgan Kendall, Rhiannon Doiron, Ricardo Ma;
Beni Twahira Shimra, Ameer Jawdat, Adviser Dr Bruce Dyer,
Saba Hanifi, and Maha Ahmed
Gorham Interact L-R:
Camryn Morton, Aaron Farr, Asal Bahmani, 
Jonathan Scribner, Emily Emmons, Stefan Street,
Jessica Dusseault, Ben Nelson,Marie Walton