Westbrook High School Interact Adviser Dr Bruce Dyer, along with three students, joined us at our meeting of October 22, 2019. Kamdyn Russell is a Senior and President of WHS Interact Club. Matthew Eugley and MacKenzie Remington are two of the Juniors at WHS who attended RYLA this summer.

Kamdyn and Bruce spoke about planned Interact projects for this school year. These include projects and activities that WHS Interact has supported for several years.  Members of the club visit Springbrook nursing home to spend time socializing with dementia patients. They will be raking leaves for community members who need some help with their yards and they will be baking pies for the Food Pantry for Thanksgiving. They will also continue as part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program in each of the elementary schools and the middle school.

Matt and MacKenzie attended RYLA in June. Matt says he wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but went in with an open mind.  He learned how other people can see things differently from you and gained a new prospective on how it is to be part of a group when you are not the one leading that group.   Mackenzie told us that she is usually a follower rather than a leader.  She found that RYLA brought out her leadership qualities and she hopes to carry that forward.

At RYLA, every activity had to be completed as a group and each task had to be completed before the next could begin. Each team had to choose a different leader for each challenge.  For certain activities, some team members were given restrictions that the team had to work with and around to accomplish their common goal. Team members kept a journal to make notes about what they learned and took away from each challenge.

At the end of the meeting, we discussed identifying opportunities for Interact and Rotary to work more closely together to support each other’s projects. With Christmas tree delivery set for Wednesday November 27, a day off from school, we anticipate having several WHS and GHS Interact members join us to off load the truck and finalize sales lot set up. Hopefully this will be the start of more collaboration throughout the year.