On April 8, 2017,  six members of our Club attended the District Training Assembly at USM's Abromson Center.  After a welcome assembly in Hannaford Hall which featured a roll call of the clubs by District Secretary Deb Grabowski, attendees moved to breakout sessions.  There were special sessions for the PEs, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Protection officers, as well as sessions of interest to all members.  Attendees learned about District and Global grants, fundraising for all club sizes, membership recruiting and engagement, and youth services, among other "hot" topics.
L-R: Scott Linscott, Christine Johnson, Bill Chadwick, Bill Gowen. 
Not pictured: Jason Beever, Dave Rolfe
Our own Scott Linscott was roaming with his camera and took some wonderful pictures that are featured on our Facebook page.  Bill Chadwick created a powerful display featuring our proposed Global Grant in Guatemala to drill and provide clean water for four communities.  The water bottles filled with nasty looking water drove home the point that access to clean water is a priority for the communities we hope to help.  Bill was excited by the response received and now has a line on several clubs interested in partnering on this important water project.
The conference drew to a close with two raffle drawings, one for those attending our District Conference and one for those attending the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta.  As luck would have it, Christine Johnson won both raffles!!  As a gesture of thanks, Christine gave the Atlanta prize to fellow AG Ann Schieber who had done such a wonderful job organizing the District Training Assembly.  Thanks Ann!!
Ann Schieber (top), eventually received the Atlanta
throw  modeled by Christine Johnson