While we may be meeting only via Zoom right now, we continue to donate a new hardcover children's book in honor of each of our speakers.  As always, we alternate between the Walker Memorial Library in Westbrook and the Baxter Library in Gorham. Purchase of these books is partially funded by your CLYNK donations, so keep those bottles coming!   If you need bags, just contact Christine Johnson.
Recently, Heidi Whelan, Children's Library at the Baxter Memorial Library received a new book. Is 2 A Lot? was presented in honor of then Acting-Chief Kenneth Fickett.  He has since been confirmed as the new Chief of Gorham Fire & Rescue.  Congratulations Chief!  
Chief Fickett spoke to us about his department's efforts in vaccinating Fire & Police personnel and other first responders in Gorham and surrounding communities. Westbrook-Gorham Rotary, with the help of District 7780, was able to provide 3 iPads for their use in completing the necessary "paperwork" necessary for tracking and reporting progress to the state.  The Chief reported that the paperwork takes longer than the actually shot!  He also told us that he was having trouble obtaining enough doses, but that doses are given within about a day of being received and he carefully plans so that all doses are used once a vial is opened.