I'm Your Neighbor Books
Mar 05, 2024 11:30 AM
Kirsten Cappy - Executive Director
I'm Your Neighbor Books

We're celebrating Read Acros America Week and Dr Seuss's Birthday with a literacy program.  

I’m Your Neighbor Books strives to build a stronger America, one where immigrants are welcomed and where first-through-third-generation Americans truly belong.

They facilitate deep engagement with the children’s books that represent our Immigrant and New Generation communities. By curating, loaning, and gifting these diverse titles with educational materials, they:

* Start conversations on modern immigration

* Refute false narratives about communities of color

* Create emotional connections to a vast diversity of voices

* Share the joy and strength of immigrant and new generation families

* Build the cultural competency of all readers

* Lay the groundwork for cross-cultural communication

Learn more at: https://imyourneighborbooks.org/